Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UMK, Jeli Campus

New semester is coming soon and m gonna be a forth year student. Wow, time flies huh!! I can still remember how reluctant I am to go University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) to further my study, I keep crying and crying and blame God for sending me so far away as my friends all get the offer letter from UPM, UKM or UM. So, i decided to appeal to change university, after thousands of letters being sent to the Jabatan Pendidikan Malaysia, they told me the same thing, which are......

In order to change university, first you have to study in the university that you get at first for at least one semester, with a good result. After that you can start to appeal with a solid reason on why you want to change university, but you too have to make sure the university that you want to study has a seat for you. There's a lot of procedures that you need to follow and lots of documents have to get ready. My advice for those students who want to change university, if your result is just so so, i would advice you don't waste your time on appealing and you are much more lucky than those who couldn't get into any university. But those who wants to change university so desperately, you can try. Example for those student who are from Sabah and Sarawak, they got to come to Peninsular Malaysia to study or vice versa, it's advice for you to appeal as flight ticket isn't cheap =)

Myself have tried to appeal for one year, and at last I got an offer letter from UPM which is quite near to my house. However, I choose to study in UMK. The reasons are: if I study in UPM, i have to start from the beginning which mean one year of my study in UMK will be wasted, even if I transfer credit hours also the same. I don't want to waste time anymore. Second, I have no interest on the course that UPM offered me. So, just stick back to the university i got at first plus I already make so many friends at here and get used to the university system, so why need to waste my time to adapt to the new environment again?

Ok, go back to the main topic, this blog post is mainly introducing UMK, Jeli campus for my future juniors or those who plan to study their master or work here, haha it's not about transfer university or what :P

UMK is still consider a new university. This year would be 5 years old. The first batch of students has already graduated last year. The first campus was at Pengkalan Chepa. UMK, Jeli campus was officially operated this year, in February 2012.  So all the facilities are very new and some of the facilities are still under construction like mosque, and others. Facilities such as football court, basketball court have been start operated since last semester (September 2012). Jeli campus is specially for students under Faculty of Earth Science and Faculty of Industry and Technology. Faculty of Material Science will also be launch in UMK Jeli soon. UMK of Pengkalan Chepa campus is for Fakulti Keusahawanan dan Perniagaan; UMK of Padang Tempak is specially for student from Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar while UMK of Bachok campus is for Fakulti Keusahawanan dan Warisan. These four campus are very small and you might feel that your secondary school is even bigger than this. Yea it's true, but there's many advantage too, firstly, you don't have to wake up early for class as the hostel is just opposite; next, you don't have to rush for the shuttle bus, all places are within walking distance ^^

UMK of Jeli campus can be said as living in a jungle as the whole campus is surrounded by GREEN color things so the air is quite fresh too. Especially during rainy reason, the weather is much more cooler than Cameron Highland or Genting Highland. However, at the same time it's quite hot too. Since we studied about natural resources, so study at here will make you have a better understanding about natural environment and biodiversity.

For UMK Jeli campus students, are you craving for fast foods?? No worries, we have KFC and Pizza Hut at Tanah Merah which is 45 mins DRIVING distance and for the nearest McD is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away which is located at Kota Bharu. =P You can take a bus or rent a car to Tanah Merah to buy your daily stuffs over there. UMK Pengkalan Chepa students have more advantages on looking for foods.

There's no entertainment here in Kelantan like cinema, k-box, big shopping mall, etc. What we do here during spare time are play kite, go to the nearby beach, hmmm live like X generations. Thus it's consider a good study environment for you. So i can understand those juniors who are coming here to study will be suffer a lot because people like me also from a city and now move to a jungle, i also have the sucks feeling about this place. Everything is so slow here, wanna go to a nearby town also quite far away. But it save a lot of your money as you won't think about entertainment... hahhaha and it makes you more tougher and independent. You will get what i mean once you come here. 

So, what to bring if you are so lucky to be selected as a UMK student? For my experience before coming to UMK, there's no info on what should we bring, what can we do or whatever to solve my questions. I am so blur at that time. In order to avoid this problem happen to another people, so i will just share what i can share to you all. Things you need to bring are as follow:

1) Bucket
2) Heater
3) Hanger
4) 2 sets of bed sheet as you might want to change
5) Formal clothes [Vet students are compulsory to wear formal shirts to attend classes while student from other faculty can wear collar T to attend classes]
6) Toiletries [you can buy at the small mart here but it is more advice for you to bring your own as the mart mostly sell those unknown cheap brand stuffs.. haha]
8) Your Form 6 or Matrix text books [first year subjects are more or less like we learn at form 6 and matrix]
9) Slipper and shorts (shorter than knee length) are strictly not allow to attend class, once you get caught you may have to pay for the fine.

Now, let's look at the compound area and some facilities..
p/s: i didn't upload all the faci as m too lazy to do so.. hahaha
Other faci include clinic, temporary mosque, multipurpose hall, canteen, student mall and so on..


Girl's room for 3 persons.
There are 1 single bed, 1 double storey bed, 3 tables, and 3 cupboards.
Photo credited to Pam CY.

Guy's hostel.
It's a house that can occupy for 20 persons. Each house consisted 3-4 rooms.
Photo credited to Pam CY.

1-Malaysia Futsal Court

Night view of UMK, Jeli

Temporary Library

New Medan Selera.
There are 4 major stalls selling foods here, and another 2 stalls that operated by the students which sell burgers and waffle.
Photo credited to Miriam HK.

Lecture Hall.
Photo credited to Miriam HK

For further information that you want to know, you can leave a comment here and i will reply you ASAP or you can join our University Malaysia Kelantan group at Facebook.

Hopefully this blog post can help you a little bit =) welcome to UMK!!